Cable Jointing

At Powercare Electrical Services we are able to provide cable installations and jointing of SWA and underground cables for commercial and industrial premises in the North East and around the country. Many of the issues commonly associated with electrical networks can be attributed to the failure of cable jointing procedures or the use of incorrect equipment. Unfortunately, this can result in faults within cable joints and cable terminations or damage from plant and machinery. Our electrical engineers ensure that faults found within the cable or jointed cables are repaired efficiently and that the circuit is left in safe working order. We also have a range of equipment that allows us to pull in larger cables and to terminate them into indoor or outdoor equipment.

Our extensive range of cable jointing services includes:

  • Cable Jointing
  • Electrical analysis to locate faults
  • The repair of faulty or defective cabling
  • Testing and commissioning of cables
  • Trenching for new cables

We cover industrial and commercial premises throughout the UK and all of our work is carried out to the highest industry standards.