Tailored electrical solutions for your premises


We have a number of skilled engineers who cover different types of electrical work depending on their expertise. The range of work we carry out is broad and covers many areas.

Electrical design

Electrical installation

Upgrade of commercial
& industrial systems

EV Charging

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SafeContractor Approved
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In the current times, we are asked to look at various sites where EV charging is required. We regularly design EV systems on behalf of EV companies or their clients. We offer a full design service for EV’s and can select the best solution for the location to include feasibility studies before you select an installer.

We work within a wide range of industries

Powercare have worked with places of education, local authority, offices, hospitals, airports and restaurants, and have contacts with specialist companies which we can engage should the work require further expertise. This collaboration can be arranged by us and we would work alongside them to provide the solution needed.


Powercare services any commercial premises, from shops to offices.

Powercare provides expertise to places of education, including schools, colleges & universities.

The transportation industry includes airports, carparks, sea ports, car showrooms and more.

We are able to provide support to hospitals, care homes and NHS locations.

Powercare’s wide range of expertise allows us to provide specialist solutions, including carpark & high mast lighting, sports fields, street lighting, underground cabling, feeder pillars, install & maintenance.

Breathe new life into a project and utilise our experience in building illumination, bridge illumination, lighting control & bespoke lighting services.

With electric vehicles on the rise, play your part in catering for EV owners with charging for commercial sites, public & private carparks, and infrastructure works. A one-stop installation.

Allow us to handle the basics: commercial installation, maintenance & faultfinding 

Why choose Powercare?

Powercare work with many Local Authorities, Architects, Corporate companies and site owners to offer a wide range of services to assist with everything electrical, from an initial consultation through to design, product & contractor selection, problem solving, implementation, DNO liaison and contractor management.

Our service is primarily to save you money in the longer term and ensure that everything is planned, designed, selected and implemented at the right time, but we also manage the project to ensure they are delivered using quality products and are professionally installed.

Invest in Quality

As part of our work, we have vast knowledge of the products on the market. Is is important to be able to choose the right product for the right price and location to ensure it stands the test of time but also it needs to function correctly with minimal maintenance issues.

Planning & future proofing

We often get involved with projects where initial planning is overlooked. This can cost clients a lot of money in the long term. Our approach is to sit down with the client and plan their needs for the future. This may include the installation of a larger power supply to premises to avoid future upgrades, or installation of ducting in roads for future EV or carpark lighting which avoids the need to dig up the carpark again or simply making the distribution board larger to allow for future circuits to be added in. These initial planning meetings can be extremely important to clients costs. It is also important that the design is correct too.

Design it, then install it.

We often get asked by local authorities to look at projects where a new power supply is needed in the street for various uses. This may include street markets, festive lighting or general power for events. Our approach is to understand the client needs and then design the right option for them. This will include the most suitable power source, the length of the cable run and the sizing of the cable, the best option to mount the socket outlet in a safe manner and the best way to route the cable. We can even get quotes for the work and oversee the installation to ensure it is done correctly in your absence.

Choosing & managing contractors

We always suggest to get several estimates for electrical related work, and we can assist with choosing the right contractor for your project. Depending on the type of project you are working on can relate to the size of contractor needed. There are a range of specialist and general contractors firms offering different services and they have different skills. Some electrical contractors may only carry out domestic work, whilst others are trained at commercial work. Some specialise in maintenance work whilst others provide the full installations of new build properties. This can be vitally important depending on your project.

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